Unit Nutrition

Creating a new brand and ecommerce site for a revolutionary nutrition product aimed at high performance athletes.

Industry: Start Up

Product: Identity and E-Commerce

Our challenge:


The Sports Nutrition market is reaching maturity and many brands in the category suffer from a severe case of "me-too-ism" – little differentiation in product name, packaging or unique selling points. Unit Nutrition is different. It’s a genuinely revolutionary product that is based around stimulating receptors in mouth to help athletes improve performance.


Our challenge was to create a stand out brand that communicated the cutting edge science of the first commercially available carbohydrate mouthrinse.


After an audit of the sports nutrition market, our design team created an innovative and authentic identity that delivers clear, direct product benefits. We then worked with Unit to create a clear badging system for the brands different flavours and rolled this out across the product range with bespoke packaging design.


We worked with the Shopify platform to quickly develop an ecommerce site that showcased the brand and it’s products.


The brand was launched in time to sponsor the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, supporting the Great Britain team as one of the sponsors of the Parade of Nations GB t-shirts that were issued (free), to British athletes racing in Hawaii.


The brand has also been looking good on the side of CJ Wilson racing cars in the US.