Transforming a labour intensive analogue process into an efficient digital platform.

Industry: Stcoktaking

Product: Platform

Link: Private closed platform

Our challenge:


Our key challenge on this project was understanding NDC’s business processes and the nuts and bolts of stocktaking. Our product manager accompanied the founders of the business on numerous site visits to understand exactly how they operate and ensure we had all the moving parts buttoned down.


Stocktaking is a process typified by multi-coloured pens, clipboards and print outs of excel stock sheets. When it comes to technology it’s not a sector that is known for innovation yet it’s a process that when done well leads to profit enhancement, operational efficiency and revenue protection.


We worked with NDC to help them turn their analogue stocktaking system into a digital platform.


Looking at their end-to-end business processes we developed a system that allows NDC staff and NDC clients to seamlessly audit their stock; from the review process through to control and storage.