Just Beagle

The UK’s first fixed fee legal services price comparison website.

Our challenge:


How do you simplify and rationalise the search for online consumer legal services?


We worked with the Beagle’s team from concept through to delivery; creating a price comparison platform for legal services that connects consumers and small and medium sized businesses to more than 10,000 law firms.


Information online about legal providers has typically been complicated, costly and out of touch with the way digitally connected consumers want to search for legal services.


Our UX team started by asking how can we increase the transparency and trust in this process and at the same time give law firms an opportunity to amplify their social media profile and directly connect with interested consumers.


We simplified, grouped and categorized thousands of possible legal searches and then looked at how geolocation can be seamlessly integrated into the search experience to return fast, accurate and relevant results.

The platform has helped Just Beagles raise over £970k in seed funding.

10,000+ registered law firms.

1.7 million consumer searches.