Global Coalition

A website redesign for the Global Coalition formed to combat Daesh - representing 64 countries and 3 organisations.

Our challenge:


We were tasked with a comprehensive re-design of the existing Global Coalition website to support a fresh set of strategic objectives. GC’s aim was to create a site where visitors could quickly and easily obtain current news from the GC against Daesh, whilst also being able to understand all elements of who makes up the GC, what their mission is, and what their achievements have been to date.



It was crucial that the site presented users with a simple and intuitive navigation system and a logical content hierarchy that brought the sites interactive elements to the fore. We worked with the GC team to create a design that was modern, easy to update by their team and balanced displaying the volume of news the site needed to support without overwhelming the end user. We created tags to bucket different categories of information - which were visually referenced with a distinct colour scheme, and were supported by the site’s search functionality.


The results:


In the first two weeks since of going live, the new site saw a significant increase in the key performance metrics:


Average time spent on the site increased.

Page views increased 26%.

Bounce rate decreased 14%.