Beautiful Analytics

Creating an analytics platform that gives brands actionable insights into their audience and the performance of their content on Instagram.

Industry: Start Up

Product: Platform

Link: Private closed platform

Our challenge:


How do you identify the right influencer to help grow your brand presence on Instagram?


Working with the Instagram API, we developed the first ever social search tool that allows brands to easily find influencers that drive their follower growth. Our technology is able to track and quantify the exact growth these influencers have added to an account.


Working with a team of data scientists, we developed a predictive and prescriptive analytics platform that demonstrates which factors drive engagement and follower growth on the Instagram platform.


Identifying influence in social media is notoriously hard and helping a brand to find the right influencers to work with and calculating the ROI of influencer marketing is not easy. Our platform is being used by the BD team to service a global cohort of leading travel business.