Who We Are

Baytree is currently a 14 strong team of developers, designers and project managers.

We have an office in London and an office in Buenos Aires.
Tom Allum and Piero Bona lead the team.

Tom Allum
Managing Director

Tom has spent his career helping multi-national clients develop their brand and digital strategies across multiple territories. He has worked in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East with clients that include the BBC, Movistar, O2, Sainsbury’s and Hotels.com as well as a host of start ups.

Prior to founding Baytree, Tom was head of brand at Tuenti.com, one of Spain’s most trafficked websites with 13 million registered users and over 40 billion page views per month.

Tom oversees the growth of Baytree as well as playing an active role with key clients.

Piero Bona
Chief Technology Officer

Piero is a software architect and video games producer. He is proficient in a host of technologies, from offline core development frameworks through to web and visual arts tools. Prior to Baytree, Piero worked as a software developer and systems architect for several leading technology companies in Argentina and the US. Piero also co-directs TizaPapelByte, an academic research and development project that brings together social science professors and technology professionals to investigate the relationship between Education, Society and New Media.

Piero leads the development team at Baytree, making sure that all builds are approached creatively, efficiently and with the most appropriate technologies.