What We Do

We build products for clients.

The majority of our development has focussed on creating web platforms and software. Increasingly we are being asked to design and develop for mobile devices - which means both native applications and web applications.

Typically clients come to us because

They want us to create a new product.

We have worked with governments, fashion brands, entertainment groups, software companies, educational organizations and start-ups to create unique products that help their businesses grow and succeed. For us nothing beats the satisfaction of architecting, building and deploying new products that people use and clients love.

They are looking for an outsourcing partner.

What does that mean? It means we give clients that have in house technical teams access to our developers. These clients manage the developers directly, or work with one of our technical account managers to get the solution they want. Normally these clients are themselves servicing larger customers and require agile and flexible development resources.