A Social Fashion Experience.-

In 2011 Baytree was keen to jump into the world of start-ups and have a go at creating our own product.

LookBible was our attempt at that - a social network designed around girls who share their love of fashion. Members share, follow and post their favourite outfits and in return are able to shop looks they love. Built from the ground up and employing a chromatic search algorithm, the platform finds and suggests product matches according to users tastes.


We are very proud of what we have made, and believe in this product’s vision and potential.

But it’s one thing to be excited about something you’ve crafted, and quite another to see people take it up and make it their own. That is the de facto challenge all start-ups face. 

Since it’s launch, we have experienced the typical curve associated with new sites. Initial traction quickly got us our first 35k registered users.

And then we hit a flat growth line and our ability to focus on the project was diminished by a growing list of new clients. In short, the site stopped getting the love it really deserved. However we’re currently working with an entrepreneur and fashion industry veteran that we believe has the vision and the drive to take the site to a place we couldn’t.