We launched Les 100 Ciels online with a custom commerce platform that included rich merchandising, marketing and analytics modules.-

The site employs responsive / adaptive UI technology and is mobile friendly, delivering a robust and flexible shopping experience.

The Les 100 Ciels brand is owned by one of China’s largest garment manufactures, Neo Concept. When we first met with Neo in 2013, they were looking to build out their first European consumer brand. Backed by a fully integrated manufacturing platform that included goat farms in Mongolia, textile mills in China and factories across Asia, their attention was turning towards a public listing on the HK stock market. E-commerce was seen as a key ingredient to success – allowing them to transition from a b to b manufacturing provider to a vertically integrated global retail company. 

We worked with Neo on their business plan for the venture and helped them select the appropriate logistics and marketing partners to launch the site alongside a stand alone retail concession on St Christopher’s Place in London.

Over the course of a 9 month build we created a bespoke platform that integrated with their epos and ERP providers and offered them all the rich functionality required to compete in today’s highly competitive online fashion market.

Since launch, the brand has gone from strength to strength with a growing list of stockists across Europe and the US as well as healthy online sales.

Today we work with Les 100 Ciels to ensure the technology they’re using remains relevant and to continually push their conversion rate up.